The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is the nation’s leading voice advocating for public policies that are helping to defeat cancer. It is the voice of cancer patients, caregivers and physicians in the halls of Government. ACS CAN Wyoming strives to make the lives of those with cancer better and to keep as many people as possible from hearing the words, "You have cancer."

Defeating cancer is as much a matter of public policy as scientific discovery. As such, if we are to end suffering and death from cancer, it won't just happen at the doctor's office or in the research lab. Rather, this movement must begin with our local government, at the state Capitol and in Congress. And, it will be led by volunteers - regular people whose lives have been impacted by cancer - rallying together to demand change from their elected officials. With a powerful grassroots movement of nearly a million strong and growing, ACS CAN ensures that the voices of patients, survivors and caregivers are heard in public policy debates in Congress and in state legislatures nationwide.

We are the organization empowering volunteers to do just that - influence change and impact the future of cancer. From gaining dramatic increases in funding for cancer research to ensuring all Americans have access to health care, our work is saving lives and leading to new, innovative breakthroughs in how to fight this disease.

Like cancer itself, ACS CAN is nonpartisan. ACS CAN does not endorse candidates or political parties, but it does educate voters by serving as a trusted source of information about candidate positions on cancer-related concerns and on key issue campaigns across the country that impact those affected by cancer.

Our stories are powerful and our voices strong—by joining together we create change.

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